This article, Venom, is property of Omni Phibbestoles.

Owner Omni Phibbestoles
Weight Variable
Race Symbiote
Level 2
XP Points 100/200
Health 150
Speed Variable
Damage Variable
Power Level 200
Faction None
Moves Bond: Venom latches onto the enemy, causing 5 damage per turn as long as the move is active. Increased to 15 with Symbiosis active. Skill ends when Venom takes damage unless Symbiosis is active.

Symbiosis: Venom drains 10% of the target's HP every turn. Instant use. Requires Bond to be active. Skill ends when Venom takes damage.
Copy: Venom copies 1 move which will replace Copy for the duration of the battle. Instant use. Requires Bond to be active.
Slime Transformation: Venom becomes invulnerable for 1 turn. 4 turn cooldown

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