(Only wikis from wikia) So I decided to start a blog series about the worst wikis regarding a certain matter, it could be a single series, a movie or a whole franchise, anything and there many wikis about a single subject or franchise, which makes these kinds of lists possible, I mean if there was just a single wiki about everything, then making these kinds of blogs would be pointless.

Anyway lets get to the point and start my first worst wiki blog, we're going to start with the wikis that I seem to despise the most, which are the ones about Dragon Ball. There many Dragon Ball wikis and many of the are bad, like pretty bad, these wikis either have bad communities, bad structure, bad organizing, or have administrators that shouldn't be ones and some of them have all these problems and more.

So how will this exactly work, well people here, along with myself, will nominate a wiki or two, or even three and explain why the said wiki or wikis is/are bad. After we're done with the nominees, the users will vote and I'll rank the worst wikis based on how many votes they got, so it's simple.

Anyway my nomine is Dragon Ball Wiki, the main one, the one consider to be official(by some), my problem with that wiki is, well the administrators are mostly bad and do a very poor job at handling problems, heck some of them might create more problems instead of solving them. Now the community of this wiki, is...well mostly hit and miss. The other problems that wiki has is that it's not very well organized, the pages are poorly put together, many of the pages are overfilled with useless galleries and perhaps the most ridiculous thing of all, the manual of style, they don't follow it, very few of the things mentioned in that manual are actually used in pages, it's like it exists for show rather than anything else. I could name more things but I have already explained why Dragon Ball Wiki needs to be in this list.

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