Just a few words about wikia and my experiences.

You know I first joined wikia ages ago and back then I thought that the first wiki I joined was actually a good and fun one with only nice people or whatever, that is was a productive community, but looking back in retrospective it was just as shity as it is today if not more. The whole community was filled with crap blog posts about the same kind of shit, like this character vs this character, what user is popular, people jumping into a bandwagon because of a simple vandal, then came the whole antiwikia-alliance/oasis/wikis moving bullshit. Back then the whole thing about moving made sense to me looking at all the 'horrible' changes, but in reality while maybe some didn't like how wikia acted or whatever back then, most people when you got down to it simple wanted to leave cause of a freaking skin change and it's stupid cause if you get down to it all that the skin before oasis(or whatever it is called now), monaco was,  just a slightly tweaked monobook and nothing else.

After editing outside wikia I returned only to found out that the wiki I used to edit with, had focused more on chat and things like that instead of editing, or so I thought at the time, since it probably always was like that, it was just that with the chat being added it became more apparent. Needless to say I came back with a very negative attitude and it didn't help. Through many ordeals, I met many bad and good users, some that annoyed me quite a bit and truth be told I consider most of the time I gave to the wiki and those users to be a complete waste of time. I also realized that the administrators weren't as good as I used to think, but instead were people that had, how to say delusions or what, they mostly used their position to pass their opinions and views, about how a good wiki, or a good user should be and mostly they are not open to discussion if they don't like what you have to say, at least in the certain wiki I knew, but most wikis I see tend to fall under that umbrella, even though wikia is supposed to be a place where decissions are made by the community an not the administrators(I guess that does happens sometimes).

I think what I've got from wikia as a whole, is that it's a site with a lot of potential, but saddly it goes to waste in many cases. There are many wikis with poor quality pages that I wouldn't even bother reading, but I guess sites that allow everyone to edit have this problems.