• TheVoid95

    The poor reviews

    October 15, 2017 by TheVoid95

    Just a bit of a retrospective of old reviews made by a certain individual:

    I will start with the introduction of his reviews and I'll bypass the rating thing because I find no real value in ratings.

    Well in this section the critic decides to make a bunch of bold statements without any proof of their validity:

    1. ""not a single person has ever created a good fanon transformation yet""
    2. ""While Super Saiyan 5 in theory could work, you would have to be writing at a near-perfect level, and I don't think many people have that ability. ""  -That is some a-class bs, you don't need to be a near-perfect righter to right a fucking super saiyan form, how dense ca…

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  • TheVoid95

    For whatever.

    March 11, 2017 by TheVoid95

    Just a few words about wikia and my experiences.

    You know I first joined wikia ages ago and back then I thought that the first wiki I joined was actually a good and fun one with only nice people or whatever, that is was a productive community, but looking back in retrospective it was just as shity as it is today if not more. The whole community was filled with crap blog posts about the same kind of shit, like this character vs this character, what user is popular, people jumping into a bandwagon because of a simple vandal, then came the whole antiwikia-alliance/oasis/wikis moving bullshit. Back then the whole thing about moving made sense to me looking at all the 'horrible' changes, but in reality while maybe some didn't like how wikia acte…

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