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Golden Energy Gun

The Golden Energy Gun.

The Golden Energy Gun (also known as the golden weapon of legend) is a very powerful golden, that can be used to either fire various Ki-based and Energy Wave attacks, it can also manipulate the user's Ki to fire it all as one attack.

The Golden Gun not only fires the energy, it can manipulate the energy coming out of it, with the use of ki to make it take various shapes, so it can either help the user defend or attack his enemies in various battles. It can take the form of energy sword much like the one used by Salza, although larger and stronger, so powerful that it can even break the Z Sword. The gun can also be used as an energy shield, to protect the user from any attack, the shield created by the gun is so powerful, that not even the larger Spirit Bomb can break.

In addition to all the powers that the Golden Gun gives, it can also fuse with its user, to form a new Ultimate form. Once fused with the gun, the user can fire golden energy bullets from all over his body, like the large form of Janemba. The user can also use an ultra electric energy bomb that is called Electric Thunder Burst Bomb, that it is so powerful and full of electricity, that it can thunder shock an entire planet.

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