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Users can Discuss about the rules, on the talk page

These are the rules that should be followed by users and Administrators:


  • Follow the wikia terms of use.
  • Don't change (edit) other people's fan fictions, without their permission, unless you're an Administrator and it's for clean up purposes.
  • Cursing is allowed only on chat.
  • Don't impersonate other users.
  • Don't harass other users.
  • Do not make second accounts(also known as sockpuppets).
  • Vandalism will not be tolerated.
  • Do not spam.
  • Don't create useless pages with no content.
  • Don't copy content from other wikis and post it here(Unless it was originally added by you), try to think and write your own ideas.
  • Don't copy other people's fan fictions.
  • Whenever you upload a picture, make sure that you added the license.

Rules about Administrators

  • Administrators/Bureaucrats, should not abuse their powers, block users with no valid reasons.
  • Administrators/Bureaucrats, should not block users simply for arguing, unless the argument is to the point of harassment, or it's a pointless one.

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