Okotaoi is a Saiyan demi-god who has his blood and dna infused with Liquid Nitrogen, giving him great ice powers


Quattro is a sadistic and malevolent fighter who wants to make his opponents suffer. He uses cruel tactics and usually toys with his opponents instead of eliminating them, he is insanely powerful and truly evil


Oupavo xaos: He raises his index finger,then points at the target's, they are hit with fireballs that come from the sky

Dockspelare Rackniv: Strings appear and tie themselves on the targets arms and legs, Okotaoi then flicks his wrist and a black hole appears underneath the target/s they are hoisted into the air by the strings,h e then draws his finger across his neck and the strings snap, the target's fall into the blackhole and are blasted by a giant beam

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Power levelEdit