• TheVoid95

    For whatever.

    March 11, 2017 by TheVoid95

    Just a few words about wikia and my experiences.

    You know I first joined wikia ages ago and back then I thought that the first wiki I joined was actually a good and fun one with only nice people or whatever, that is was a productive community, but looking back in retrospective it was just as shity as it is today if not more. The whole community was filled with crap blog posts about the same kind of shit, like this character vs this character, what user is popular, people jumping into a bandwagon because of a simple vandal, then came the whole antiwikia-alliance/oasis/wikis moving bullshit. Back then the whole thing about moving made sense to me looking at all the 'horrible' changes, but in reality while maybe some didn't like how wikia acte…

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  • Versus Zero

    So from what I get this page: made by the infamous administrator of Dragon Ball wiki, is essentially DB wiki's view on canon and what a poor view that is.

    First things first, why does 10x feel the need to inform us about the origins of the word canon? I mean talking about the definition of the word is actually relevant, but the origins holds little importance to the subject and quite frankly it's obvious that he gathered this information from sources that can easily be found just by googling. He talks about where the word was used, but refrains from giving the actual full definition.

    He basically says that in Dragon Ball there is not a defined canon, so it's left to the fans. Then wh…

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  • Versus Zero

    Worst Dragon Ball Wikis

    September 14, 2014 by Versus Zero

    (Only wikis from wikia) So I decided to start a blog series about the worst wikis regarding a certain matter, it could be a single series, a movie or a whole franchise, anything and there many wikis about a single subject or franchise, which makes these kinds of lists possible, I mean if there was just a single wiki about everything, then making these kinds of blogs would be pointless.

    Anyway lets get to the point and start my first worst wiki blog, we're going to start with the wikis that I seem to despise the most, which are the ones about Dragon Ball. There many Dragon Ball wikis and many of the are bad, like pretty bad, these wikis either have bad communities, bad structure, bad organizing, or have administrators that shouldn't be ones …

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  • Versus Zero

    Lots of series recycle stuff from other franchises and Dragon Ball is no different.

    • Well one thing that doesn't need to be said, since it's obvious, it's the different Bruce Lee Impersonators, in some of Dragon Ball's episodes and the use of the Jackie Chan name by Master Roshi.
    • Also the color of the energy waves in all 3 series, kinda looks like the lightsabers from Star Wars.

    • I'm not really sure, but the way the fight between Goku and Master Rochi/Jackie Chan ends, with both of them getting down and struggling to get up, is similar to the end of the fight in Rocky 2, although in Dragon Ball the main character looses, while in Rocky the main character wins and in Dragon Ball they go down with a kick, instead of a punch.

    Well to tell the trut…

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